What Is This Nonsense?

True Story About Love ♥


True Story About Love


Sudden Clarity Korra

When someone tells me they’ve finished their finals last week

And I’m still riding the struggle bus straight to hell,

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Allow me to remind you about Mandark’s laugh

when my friends are going to party at another school without me because I have too much work to do

I’m just like,

when someone asks to eat with me during exam period

I’m just like,

when a university day off lands on a day that I already don’t have class

and I feel cheated out of my day off so I’m like,


when a classmate says they’re taking the same amount of classes as me, but have tuesdays and fridays off

I’m just like,

when someone tells me about their awesome summer plans

and I’m just like

when someone says an assignment is due tomorrow that I didn’t know about

I’m like